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KAIASnaturals organic bentonite clay toothpaste

Bentonite Clay Toothpaste • 60ml

Are you looking for a healthy, effective and eco-friendly option in oral care...? Our Bentonite Clay-based toothpaste is a perfect choice. It helps you to get rid of tartar & stains, may cure tooth decay & can remineralise your teeth thanks to the mineral-rich clay and the Concentrated Mineral Drops.

As a pea-sized amount is plenty for each brush, a jar contains enough portions for the whole family for months. The clay takes away the toxins and bacteria that envelop teeth, gums and the tongue, leaving you with a fresh & clean feeling in your mouth.

If you're using homeopathic medicine, choose our mint-free option!


Ingredients: Bentonite Clay^, Filtered Water/Coconut Oil^*, Olive Oil^, Concentrated Mineral Drops°, Peppermint Essential Oil° and/or Clove Bud Essential Oil°

^certified organic

°100% pure

*you can choose water-based (lighter in texture) or oil-based (thicker)

Choose your price!*

 $17.90    $22.90    $27.90

for 60ml

*pay as much as you can afford



We offer 10% off to all our customers who'd like to do a refill, hence, extending the lifetime of our packaging thus reducing waste.


**Apply REFILL10 at the Checkout to claim your 10% off for your returned packaging.


Romi, Argentina

Using homeopathy I struggled to find a totally natural and mint-free toothpaste, but KAIAS'
was a great find.

I thought that without mint it wouldn´t leave my mouth feeling fresh, but the bentonite clay and the clove oil are surprisingly effective, and my teeth feel very clean after using it!

Thumbs up!


Silvia, Italy

My husband and I are both smokers and I have been monitoring a stain on my front tooth and can definitely say that the KAIAS Toothpaste has eased the appearance of a tobacco stain! WOW! Also, we love the fact that there's a mint-free option, so we don't have a minty flavour in the mouth.

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