January 13, 2019

Without planning to be a zero waste blogger, here's another biggie about this huge topic; make-up. Yes, we all can relate to it this way or another, can't we...?!



I haven't put on any make-up for years now. Let me explain you why:


Firstly, because my skin feels way healthier & happier.

Secondly, because I look much younger since (YESSS!!!)...!
Thirdly, because I have more money left in my pocket, not being spent to another 'magic-whatnot'. f


And lastly, 'cause it helps a lot in reducing waste. Maybe I put on some vegan mascara twice a year, but that's it, yay...!



What about you, how are you related to this topic? 😘💋💄👁💅





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