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Why...? Healthier, empowering, quick, easy and so yummy...! 😋

Simply follow my favourite recipe (after the photo)!

Ingredients • 500g organic flour (half white/wholemeal) • 7g breadmaker's yeast • 2tbs of each organic seeds you like (I use pumpkin, golden flax and sesame) • 1tbs himalayan salt • 1tsp organic brown rice syrup (or other natural sweetener) • 40g organic butter/olive oil • 260-270ml warm water • 1 egg for the eggwash/milk (you can skip it for the vegan option)

Method Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl first, than add wet ones.

Knead for a good 10mins and cover with a wet tea towel and let it rise for an hour at a warm spot.

Knead again (press the bubbles out), heat the oven up to 180C and let the dough rise again while oven heats up. Beat 1 egg and cover the bread (or use some milk/water) and sprinkle the seeds on top.

Make a few decent cuts with a sharp knife (about 2cm deep) and bake the bread for about 40-45mins. It's a good test if you knock the bottom with a butter knife - if it sounds hollow, your bread is ready! Let it cool down on a rack before you cut it (if you can wait at all...!!) Enjoy! 😊

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