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It started with a statement 3 years ago: "I want to have long and wavy hair...!". But, as Kaia was told off by almost all of her hairdressers, with her hair type she was never going to have long hair. Fortunately, this is not how this story ends. Now, only a few years later, after switching to a healthy lifestyle in many ways, imagine...! Her hair is strong, healthy and longer than ever...! And, there was a lot to do about getting rid of the harsh chemicals surrounding her, many of them spotted in our home.

When we say many, we don't even need to go further than bathroom. Hair care products. Shampoo+conditioner+serum+mask+...? If what we use is not a natural and pure product, we may manage to poison our own (plus the eco-) system so much that our hair will rely on gels, hairsprays and hot air to make it look like healthy. But, the case is usually the opposite. To earn back the balance, we need to give a pause for our scalp and hair from overexposing. The transition time can be quite quick & easy if we find the right solution for ourselves.

It can be very simple and greatly supportive at the same time!

Our Hair Wash-story's second chapter is about Romi's experience about her own 'problematic' hair; she was allergic to almost everything she used to wash her hair with, until she started using a paste made from sodium bicarbonate and water. As her hair gets dry easily, she applied a bit of coconut oil afterwards as a conditioner.

This idea inspired Kaia so much that she started to experiment with Natural Sodium Bicarbonate*, and she found that if she is mixing it with pure Aloe Vera gel, instead of water, her scalp and hair is even happier...! It didn't take long for her to include in the recipe the right amount of extra virgin Olive Oil (as it remains liquid even in cold temperature instead of the Coconut Oil that gets solid) and after taking part of an online course about essential oils, she included the Rosemary and the Sage Essential Oils too. As these oils are known to balance the hormones and support hair growth, it worked out very well at the end.

So much so that our Hair Wash was born and is now out!

It is also very important to mention: eating clear food/drinking pure water does the best job to our skin, hair and nails, besides leaving out chemicals from our lives.

*Natural Sodium Bicarbonate is not a laboratory-made product, it is harvested from deep underground ancient mineral deposits, and it is naturally aluminium free.

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