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The story behind our crazy-effective Shea Deodorant Cream is truly inspiring. It happened exactly 4 years ago when Kaia decided that she'll use only natural deodorants from then on...and she was so happy when she found one natural cosmetic brand in Hungary...! This was the first milestone that lead us to the first variation of our gorgeous Shea Deodorant Cream.

The second inspiration came from one of our beloved Friend's - Fanni - quick deo-workshop in the middle of the summer back in 2015. These experiences opened up Kaia's eyes, she started to believe that she could create her own deo...!

Straight after that we started to experiment with our own deo, and the rest is history.

As always, the secret is in the details and the right proportions. So finding the best ingredients not just by quality but also finding the right local providers took - and fine-tuning still does take - a while. In the meantime, many friends and travellers got a chance to experience the effectiveness and simpleness of our product. And as it usually is, great things don't need to be over-complicated, so our Shea Deodorant Cream is as simple as it can be.

All we use in our deo are the following • Natural Sodium Bicarbonate^ which is naturally aluminium-free and antibacterial to eliminate odours • Shea Butter^ for moisturising the skin and for the user-friendly creamy structure • Coconut Oil^ for reducing unpleasant odours and retaining moisture in the skin • Corn Starch° to absorb moisture while leaving the pores unblocked (yes, it IS necessary to be able to sweat) • Essential Oils° for further benefits

^certified organic °100% pure

We are so happy to be able to offer you now 4 different fragrance options • Calming: Lavender, Chamomile & Tea Tree

• Energizing: Lavender, Geranium & Tea Tree • For Men: Lavender, Cedarwood & Tea Tree • Scentless for extra-sensitive skin & pregnant women

We wish you to enjoy it as much as we do...!

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