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One of the most precious ingredients we use in our Raspberry Zinc Sunpaste, Bentonite Clay Toothpaste & Shea Deodorant Cream is the magical Coconut Oil. It has so many benefits either using it internal or external that we could fill up pages by praising it! Our organic, cold extracted, extra virgin, unrefined Coconut Oil comes from the beautiful Sri Lanka. The coconut palm is very precious to the people who make their living by using every & all the different parts of the palm; it's a perfect zero-waste example...!

Illustration via the Internet

Illustration via the Internet

The extraction of the oil is very simple - grating, expeller pressing and centrifugation; get familiar with the whole process by watching this fascinating video.

Photo via the Internet

Coconut oil is a very rich & effective, easy-to-use moisturiser. Besides all that it creates a protective layer on the skin to retain moisture. It has about 5SPF naturally as well. This mild oil is highly suitable for those who have inflamed or irritated skin, that is why we use it in our body care products. ;)

What a goodness...! And so simple. We love it.

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