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Taking care of our body is not less necessary than taking care of our soul and our mind. These three fundamental aspects of ours as human beings are essential to be in balance in order to live our lives fully, isn't it...?

Our bodies undoubtedly need a well-designed cultivation method, shaped one every one of us personally. For many of us, our bodies are great indicators and starting points of our holistic well-being. As we carefully look after our physical environment (such as our bodies), we realise that rebalancing our emotions and thoughts is also inevitable.

By aswering the following simple questions - only for yourself -, you may find the truth that already is in you (as in all of us), and you might give a little kick to yourself to become who you need to be on this Planet, so let's just do it! ;)

The questions • What is my favourite activity right now? Could I find a suitable day and a bit of time to do it every week? • What would be the best day-start/finish for me I can imagine? Could I give it a go and try doing it at least a few times every week (weekends)? • What are the foods/drinks my body doesn't really need/enjoy but I love them for some reason (habit/belief/other)? If I find/know suitable & nutritious recipes, could I make them for myself as treats? • Do I give myself quality time regularly? What would be my Me-time activity (or passivity)?

I'm sure, you know all the answers...!

Wishing you heaps of motivation, and sharing with you one of my all time favourite activities, running at Sunrise!

You can do it.

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