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You might have already figured it out but if you haven't yet, we tell you a secret: actually, there is a Kaia behind the KAIAS. And her story is a quite fascinating one; knowing more and more about her will reveal the drive that manifests our products and the whole idea around them.

• But to start with, let it be enough to see where she is coming from. She grew up in a real metropolis (Budapest, Hungary), to say at least, in strange times (1980's). To say she was taking care of her health by using only natural goods would be way too far from reality. So, it was a long way to get here for her; we share with you the most important milestones because we feel that she is not alone with her story.

Growing up in the capital but fortunately having a link to the countryside, Kaia spent most of her summers at her Grandfather's place in a small village in West-Hungary called Babot. There she was surrounded with nature and all sorts of animals, but most importantly: freedom.

Every morning waking up in her own time seemed so unreal comparing to the everyday schedule she had in Budapest. Helping around the house and on the land taught her the basics of appreciating all the goodness that comes out of the garden and from the livestock. Being surrounded with all sorts of furry friends she could have all she missed in the city.

Even though her summers were about the connection with nature, the city life brought her the complete opposite: fast foods, chlorinated tap water, air pollution, traffic jams, stress, and so on.

By the age of 16 her body set the first alarm: a very high pulse, 110-180 per min, which is just as high as a top athlete's during a championship. To decrease that, she got pills and been told to take it for her lifetime. It felt so unreal and wrong to her that she decided she'll put it down as soon as she can. But there are some other factors we need to know about this story.

She was always active and did all sorts of sports: she started swimming at the age of 3, played table tennis during the elementary school, and basketball in the high school. While being so active, she was a typical teenager too, so it was not a big surprise that she started smoking cigarettes very young, about the age of 15. And that, plus the fast foods and the meaty meals did not do much good to her sensitive body. So, having decided to put down the pills, she focused on the sports even more (but kept the cigarettes), and she managed to quit the pills after a good 6 months. Probably, the doctor still believes she is taking the pills... :)

Finally, at the age of 20 she quit cigarettes too, but for first, only for a few years.

Stay tuned to know more about my story...!

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