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Let us share with you the true story of the birth of our gorgeous Raspberry Zinc Sunpaste...! Once upon a time... No, actually, every summer... we found ourselves looking for the perfect sunscreen despairingly all around. Is it familiar...? Sure, it is.

Knowing our preferences we always ended up with smaller or bigger compromises. So we became inspired enough to research and experiment until we have found out how and what we would like to create to suit our needs the most. And, we might even be akin to each other after all.

So, to start with, we love to be outdoors, hiking in Nature, swimming in the waters, working under the Sun, and who doesn't love all these...? Thus we had to make sure that our product can fulfil all our strict requirements.

Actually, these may be included in a very short list.

• perfect protection • What this means for us is high protection while letting our skin to get a nice tan, and without getting white like a ghost. The secret is in the details: finding the best ratio using the right oils and zinc oxide to reach a high level of sun protection. Yey!

• waterproof • We mean, really. We never liked much to apply more and more sunscreen onto our skin in every hour, just because we had a dip. Thanks to the oils and the beeswax it stays on for long without applying thick layers.

• aftersun included • Moisturising and calming our skin with an other product? Why if we can include it in our sunpaste? So, we did. The mixture of oils we chose helps to give our skin a rest to get it ready for tomorrow.

• harmless for nature • We didn't want to worry about polluting our waters, destroying coral reefs or poisoning the other living beings around us. Our formula is harmless and biodegradable. We could even eat it. And use on children without worrying at all.

This story led us to create our Raspberry Zinc Sunpaste. And, Spring is here soon, that means that we need to protect our skin from the lovely but harsh NZ Sun. We gave you an idea. ;)

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