You want to switch to a healthy, effective and eco-friendly option in oral care...? This bentonite clay-based toothpaste is the perfect choice. Helps you to get rid of tartar & stains, cures tooth decay, remineralises yout teeth and leaves you with a good breath.


If you're on homeopathics, choose our mint-free option!

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay^, NZ Spring Water/Coconut Oil^, Olive Oil^, Concentrated Mineral Drops°, Peppermint Essential Oil° and/or Clove Bud Essential Oil°,


If you'd like to test it first, why don't you get a 10ml Tester for only $10 to see how it works...?

^certified organic
°100% pure

Simple as that.

Bentonite Clay Toothpaste • 120ml

Water/Oil Based
  • This jar contains enough portions for the whole family for months. All you

    need to do is taking out a pea sized amount with your wet toothbrush or the  spatula, and brush your teeth as you do usually. Bentonite clay will take away all the toxins and bacteria that envelop teeth, gums and the tongue, plus together with the concentrated mineral drops it can remineralise your teeth.

Harmless. Biodegradable. Conscious. Eco-friendly.

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