Herbal Hair Wash. Oh, yes...! Shiny, healthy, clean hair with aloe vera and pure essential oils to rebalance hormones, stimulate growth, and to have an amazing fragrance lingering around you.


Ingredients: Natural Sodium Bicarbonate^, Natural Solubilizer°, Olive Oil^, Aloe Vera Concentrate^, Rosemary Essential Oil°, Clary Sage Essential Oil°.



^certified organic

°100% pure


Simple as that.

Herbal Hair Wash • 300ml

  • While using our Herbal Hair Wash, you’ll need to massage your scalp, which is a very joyful treat. You can’t skip it. To get the best out of it, shake well, massage the liquid onto your scalp and hair thoroughly, and only once, then rinse it out with warm and finish it with cold water. No need of using conditioner as the aloe vera and the olive oil do its job for you.

Harmless. Biodegradable. Conscious. Eco-friendly.

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