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Herbal Facial Scrub

Herbal Facial Scrub

PriceFrom $17.90

Always dreamt about having happy, radiant, energized skin with only a once-a-week treatment...? Now it's easy as with our gorgeous Herbal Facial Scrub...! With the goodness of Sweet Almond Oil (an amazing source of Vitamin E), pure NZ Sea Salt, and essential oils - Rosemary for revitalizing & its anti-inflammatory properties, Lavender for calming & against acne, and Frankincense to decrease wrinkles & scars - you'll see and feel the difference straight away. Works magic on all skin types. can use it anywhere it's needed...!

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil^, NZ Sea Salt^, Rosemary Essential Oil°, Lavender Essential Oil^, Frankincense Essential Oil°

Available in 60ml refillable glass jars.

​^certified organic
°100% pure


    If you have time, start with steaming your face for 5 mins as it helps to open your pores (if you're in a rush, use it at the end of a hot shower). Right after that, scrub your face and neck gently with the Herbal Facial Scrub (keep it out of your eyes). Then, rinse your face with warm and then with cold water. Pat dry your face with a towel so that the almond oil can moisturize your skin. You won’t need to finish this treatment with a face cream or a mask; this scrub does the whole lot for you.

    Use it only once a week.
    Stir it up before using!

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