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Shea Deodorant Cream

Shea Deodorant Cream

PriceFrom $19.90

Our most beloved, organic deodorant cream. Gentle* on sensitive skin, easy to apply, eco-friendly, and crazy effective.

Choose from our fragrances:

• Calming (green) with Chamomile, Lavender & Tea tree essential oils
• Energizing (orange) with Geranium, Lavender & Tea tree essential oils
• Spicy (blue) with Cedarwood, Lavender & Tea tree essential oils - Men’s favourite
• Fragrance-free for extra-sensitive skin (or nose), also the perfect choice during pregnancy & nursing

Ingredients: Natural Sodium Bicarbonate^*, Shea Butter^, Coconut Oil^, Corn Starch^, Essential Oils^°

Available in 50ml refillable aluminium tins.

​^certified organic
°100% pure

*natural sodium bicarbonate is aluminum-free and much more gentle on sensitive skin than lab-made sodium bicarbonate


    Using this deodorant cream is so simple...! Just take out a pea-sized amount with your fingertip (if it hardens in cooler months, use your fingernail!) and massage it onto your armpit. Only once during the day and the freshness stays with you all day long!

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