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KAIASnaturals organic cocoa moisturizer face cream body moisturiser

Cocoa Moisturizer • 60ml / 120ml


Our divinely fragrant (thanks to the quality ingredients, not perfume) moisturizer supports your skin's natural balance, feeds your cells deeply while the essential oil blend tones your skin and soothes your nerves, too...!
soften, calm and nourish all skin types, it has an organic & unrefined Sweet Almond Oil base, that makes it is rich in proteins and vitamin D. The organic Cocoa Butter and the raw, wildcrafted Shea Butter is taking care of any cracks, from dry cheeks to hardcore heels. The magical Witch hazel soothes & relieves irritation, controls oil production, cleanses and tones the skin.

And last but not least, it's packed with antioxidants, thanks to the Vitamin E (which also works as a natural preservative, so we don't need to add anything else). Could it get any better...?!

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil^, Cocoa Butter^, Shea Butter^, Whitchhazel^, Organic Emulsifier^ (from olives), Plant Glycerine°, Vitamin E^, Lavender Essential Oil^, Frankincense Essential Oil°


^certified organic


°100% pure

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for 60ml


for 120ml

*pay as much as you can afford

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We offer 10% off to all our customers who'd like to do a refill, hence, extending the lifetime of our packaging thus reducing waste.


**Click 'How to order' for more info.


Deni, Czech Republic

Julie, NZ

"I got the KAIAS Moisturizer and it's divine! I really love it and I am excited every time to put it on. I use it for my whole body, including my face. It heals my face skin issues quite well! It definitely keeps the skin nicely moisturized and feeling fresh and its aroma is heaven...! I love it and definitely recommend it."

"I have been using KAIASnaturals Cocoa Moisturizer for 6 months now and have just brought 2 more large jars. My mature face has been really appreciating this dense cream which absorbs so beautifully and is so delicately scented. Its great to be able to support local and I am very grateful that I can return the jars as well as get a 10% discount!"

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