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Herbal Hair Wash • 250ml

Herbs in the hair, oh, yes...! Shiny, healthy, clean hair with Aloe Vera and pure essential oils such as Rosemary and Clary Sage to rebalance hormones & stimulate growth, and to have an amazing fragrance lingering around you for days.
The organic Sodium Bicarbonate is gentle on the scalp while makes your hair squeaky clean.


Ingredients: Natural Sodium Bicarbonate^*, Natural Solubilizer°, Olive Oil^, Aloe Vera Concentrate^, Filtered water, Rosemary Essential Oil°, Clary Sage Essential Oil°.

^certified organic

°100% pure

*natural sodium bicarbonate is aluminium-free and much more gentle on sensitive skin than lab-made sodium bicarbonate

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We offer 10% off to all our customers who'd like to do a refill, hence, extending the lifetime of our packaging thus reducing waste.


**Apply REFILL10 at the Checkout to claim your 10% off for your returned packaging.

*pay as much as you can afford


Akane, Japan

"I can feel that my hair and scalp are so happy and healthy with this all-natural pure essence, the KAIAS Herbal Hair Wash. It's so great that it's made from all-organic, natural ingredients and makes my hair shiny. I will never use any chemical one again for sure!"


Janek, Germany

"The KAIAS Hair Wash doesn't just smell good, it also makes my hair soft and nice. I also noticed that my hair did not get oily so quickly as if I would have used an

other shampoo."


Rosie, NZ

"I am absolutely in love with the Hair Wash from KAIAS range. It leaves your hair smelling so beautiful and natural. I love that it doesn't have any chemicals and you know that you are feeding your hair with the good stuff! 10/10 product and I look forward to using more of it in the future. It is also a much more affordable way to wash your hair. All you need is one bottle (not two separate ones for shampoo and conditioner) and voila! Your hair is squeaky clean without half the product you would use with commercial hair shampoo and conditioner. My hair has never felt this thick and healthy."

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