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KAIASnaturals organic shea deodorant cream

Shea Deodorant Cream • 50ml

Our most beloved deodorant cream ever. Gentle* on sensitive skin, easy to apply, eco-friendly and crazy effective.

Choose your fragrance:

Green - Calming with Chamomile, Lavender & Tea tree essential oils

Orange - Energizing with Geranium, Lavender & Tea tree essential oils

Blue - Spicy (Men’s fav) with Cedarwood, Lavender & Tea tree essential oils

White - Fragrance-free for extra-sensitive skin (or nose), also the perfect choice during pregnancy & nursing


Ingredients: Natural Sodium Bicarbonate^**, Shea Butter^, Coconut Oil^, Corn Starch, Essential Oils°

^certified organic

°100% pure

**natural sodium bicarbonate is aluminium-free and much more gentle on sensitive skin than lab-made sodium bicarbonate

Choose your price!*


*pay as much as you can afford

        1.               2.               3.



We offer 10% off to all our customers who'd like to do a refill, hence, extending the lifetime of our packaging thus reducing waste.


**Apply REFILL10 at the Checkout to claim your 10% off for your returned packaging.



Beccy, NZ

"I LOVE the KAIAS Deodorant Cream...I love the smell, the good texture, as it spreads well, and I love it coz YOU made it and I can feel the love and care for the Earth and for the people in it...Tino pai (very good)."

Jess, UK

"I am using the KAIAS Sunpaste and the Deodorant Cream, both of them supports so well my body's active lifestyle and I love both products for how kind and enriching they are to my body."


Cathy, UK

"I was gifted the Deodorant Cream for my birthday in September... it's now May and I'm only just running out! Ok so I might of not been using it in lockdown (2020) but amazing that a 50ml tin has lasted me so long, including a sweaty 7weeks in Bali. Best natural deodorant I have used."

Anaïs, France

"I fell in love with the KAIAS Deodorant Cream! Made with the best quality products, soft on the skin, and the smell and texture are so yummy. I can feel I am not damaging my skin, but nicely nourishing it every time I apply the deodorant.
And above all, it is eco-friendly, with no waste of packaging as the container will be reused. I highly recommend it!"

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